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Homeschooling Overseas – How you can do it

Moving overseas? What an adventure! And such an educational experience! But how are you going to educate your children? A local school? An international school? Have you thought of homeschooling?

Homeschooling Overseas

Homeschooling overseas is much like homeschooling is in the U.S.  Instead of being taught in a traditional school setting, children are taught from home. But this doesn’t  mean your kids will be sitting around the kitchen table, and you’ll be acting as the teacher. There are so many options for homeschoolers today – more than ever before, and maybe even more when you’re overseas. Options include:

  • Online educational games
  • Courses covering the subjects of computer programming, foreign languages, writing, math, science, and more (again, online)
  • Distance (online) accredited schools
  • A local tutor in your new country
  • When living abroad, you might be in a position where you can hire a teacher to come into your home

Online Homeschool Curriculum Programs

There are MANY online homeschool curriculum programs that combine education with interactive fun. These cover the subjects of reading and writing, math, science, foreign language, and more. These programs tend to:

  • Teach to all different learning styles
  • Allow students to progress at their own pace
  • Require mastery of a concept/skill before allowing a student to move forward
  • Keep parents apprised of their student’s progress
  • Have data that show they’re effective

Many have a free trial, a low monthly price, and most have a money-back guarantee – so you can try risk free.

Online Accredited Schools

There are many online schools available for homeschool students – and many are accredited (not all are, so if this is important to you, make sure you choose one that is). Almost all online schools:

  • Have open enrollment (so your kids can start at any time)
  • Offer classes that teach to all learning styles
  • Are self-paced
  • Employ certified teachers
  • Provide a parent interface, so you can know exactly what your child is doing and how s/he is doing
  • Religious and secular options are available
  • If choosing a high school, some offer college bound options, many offer education counselors, AP courses, clubs and social activities.

Hiring a Tutor or a Teacher

If you choose this option, talk to other ex-pats, and see if one of their children would like to be a part of your homeschool. Hiring one private teacher to teach a number of families might be even more affordable. This would constitute your own international homeschool co-op.

A combination of the above

This of course, might be the best of both worlds. You are the main teacher, but you have assistance when needed. Your local tutor/teacher will know about local educational, cultural, sporting opportunities, etc., that you may not be aware of.

What Have Others Done?

Interested in what other homeschoolers have done? Many have started their own websites and blogs to chronicle their educational adventures (setting up a website or blog can be a fun assignment for your child). Just a few of the websites/blogs can be seen here—

Living overseas–it’s a great opportunity to expose your children to other cultures, languages, to interesting geography, history and more.

The opportunity to homeschool is an additional perk!




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