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Learn Multiplication Tables in an Hour with Times Tales

Learn Multiplication Tables with Times Tales in an hour. For real!

For the last year or so, I’ve heard homeschooling moms rave about Times Tales. I mean really rave! So I became interested, and decided to check it out myself. Can kids really learn their upper times tables in an hour?

It turns out, the answer is yes! I’ve included some info about the product below:

  • Times Tales goes through the 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 multiplication facts, but does not the cover 0, 1, 2, 5, and 10 facts. This is fine for most students – as 0,1,2,5, and 10 are the easier ones to grasp.
  • The program is DVD –based.
  • Times Tales also comes with 24 pages of printables – including dice games, 4 written tests (2 with picture helps; 2 without), flashcards, crossword puzzles, and bonus division problems.

Times Tales - Learn the Upper Times Tables in an Hour!

  • The program is divided into two parts – Part 1 (upper 3’s and 4’s) and Part 2 (Upper 6’s, 7’s, 8’s & 9’s).
  • It takes about 30 minutes to complete each part.
  • It’s recommended that you wait a week between watching the two parts – you should focus on Part 1 during that week.
  • The DVD provides mini stories complete with “memory pegs” which allow kids to easily remember and recall facts. Here is an example:

Times Tales - Learn the Upper Times Tables in an Hour!


After each little story, the video shows how the story translates into a math problem. This one means 7 x 4 = 28.  Are you scratching your head and going HUH?

Well….during the beginning of the DVD, you learn the characters, and that each of them symbolizes a number. Mrs. Week is the number 7.  A chair is the number 4.  A treehouse is the number 9.  And so on.  It actually sounds a bit odd (to me), and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how or if it was going to work.

But it does and it did!

This is one product worth buying! It’s so amazing, but if you need more than just my recommendation, head to Amazon and read all the 5-star reviews… but don’t buy the DVD on Amazon – it costs too much! Educents has it for $10 less! 

Times Tales costs $10 less on Educents!

By: Celena Marie of The Traveling Sisterhood

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