Your Story Hour – Bible Based Radio Dramas

Your Story Hour produces family-friendly radio dramas based on the Bible, historical heroes and events, and true-to-life adventures. Our stories–brought to life by talented voice actors, descriptive sound effects and compelling music–teach Biblical values, American and World history and positive character traits and principles for good decision-making.

We really, REALLY enjoy YSH in our house and in our van! – Daisy G


Your Story Hour Bible stories will bring the stories “to life” for any listener.  Your Story Hour’s Bible series covers all the major Bible stories from the creation in Genesis through the early church in the Acts.   “Experience” the  flood, Joseph’s reunion with  his brothers, David fighting Goliath, Daniel in the Lion’s den, Jonah in the whale, Esther’s courageous stand for her people, Jesus’ birth and crucifixion, Paul’s dramatic conversion and much more.

Listening to these stories make me feel like I am right there in the story. There are the best stories played on radio. When I go on long trips with the kids I would play these and be entertained for hours. I love to hear them myself. There’s several on history in America, Bible stories, how things were made who invented them. Kids and everyone will love this because you can use your imagination and it takes you right there. – Billy Jo


Your Story Hour has a large collection of historical stories.  Here is an abbreviated list from Your Story Hour’s wide library of historical stories:

  • Columbus
  • Early Pilgrims
  • George Washington
  • Paul Revere
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Hudson Taylor
  • Sojourner Truth
  • Booker T. Washington
  • Sacagawea
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Dolly Madison
  • Alexander G. Bell
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • The Wright Brothers
  • Ernest Shackleton
  • Irena Sendler
  • Dwight L Moody

My brother and I really enjoyed your story, and jokes. We are home schooled and the story we hear from you guys help us a lot. It gives us imaginary picture on how it really happened. Thank you and God bless. -Seth


Your story Hour true-to-life collections of stories highlight the importance of good character traits such as obedience, honesty, friendships, unselfishness, faith, perseverance, kindness and many more.  Much of today’s entertainment is based in world values where as Your Story Hour stories teach values of faith and family

My siblings and I grew up listening to the Character Building Drama tapes. I’m 30 now and deeply value the lessons I was able to learn in story form. I also have amazing memories of coloring and going to sleep listening to them! Thank you for your amazing work! – Irene



In addition to its audio dramas Your Story Hour also offers FREE non-denominational Bible studies and an online magazine.

Character is Higher Than Intellect

Character is higher than intellect and requires regular and consistent teaching of those principles that build strong value structures in our young. Many parents, educators, and citizens have a deepening concern about the eroding value structures of the American family and society.  The resultant weak decision-making skills of our young people, even more mature people, are disturbing.  Every day we are faced with numerous decisions; some are trivial while others have life-shaping rewards or consequences.  Each decision we make is based on our value structures and contributes to the quality of life experienced by the individual and thus by society. Character is Higher Than Intellect helps your children learn character skills and value structures that will guide them throughout their lives.

Strong leaders possessing integrity and unyielding moral fiber do not just happen.  In their youth they must be taught values-based analytical thinking skills and human performance skills so that they build frameworks of thinking patterns and behavior patterns upon which to base appropriate decisions.

What values make up a strong values structure? There are five core or root values.  All other values fit within or tie back to those core values.  The five core values form a hierarchy, have an interrelationship with one another and can be taught. Each volume of curriculum has a teaching methodology that causes long-term learning to occur, which indeed builds a strong values structure within those being taught upon which to base responsible decisions.

The five core or universal values, of which all other values are a subset, are:

  • Level one: Self-Discipline – “I accept good principles and govern myself.”
  • Level Two: Responsible Behavior  – “I build self-esteem through responsible behavior.”
  • Level Three: Honesty to Self – “I first must be honest or true to myself.”
  • Level Four: Honesty to Others – “Then I will be honest or true to others.”
  • Level Five:Reverence for Life and the Creator of Life – “I have a deep love for human, plant, and animal life and the Creator of Life.”

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