These homeschooling College resources are a great way to help your child get ready for their next step in their education.  This page contains recommendations for such important items as preparing for entrance exams and information to ready your child for university.  Parents will also get to see what colleges are actively looking for homeschooled students.  There are many colleges throughout the United States and abroad that are looking for homeschooled students to join their school. Colleges are actively seeking them out, whether it is on campus or through their online courses.  There are traditional brick and mortar institutions as well as online universities which help to fit many busy lifestyles and provide quality education that fits around your schedule.  Parents of homeschoolers know how important education is to their child’s success in life and this list helps to provide information about the next steps for their education.  How to Homeschool has put together the best list of how to get your homeschooler prepared for college entry and beyond.

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