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The Daily Reinforcers from GROW Publications
The Daily Reinforcers from GROW Publications
Used by homeschoolers across the United States!
GROW Publications is now into its third decade of providing lesson starter review programs in five key academic areas–math, science, reading, writing, and social studies.  Designed as a diagnostic/m
aintenance tool, the Daily Reinforcers are used during the first 5-7 minutes of an instructional period to quickly get your child on task.  You, as the homeschool parent, can provide immediate feedback and correctives based on your child’s work.  The Daily Reinforcers give you the confidence in knowing that your child is receiving and grasping the fundamental subject matter from the core academic areas.
All you need is the appropriate grade and subject level teacher’s manual(s), and you are ready to begin.  It is that simple!  Each manual contains all program components:  student activities (over 100 at each grade level), teaching suggestions, answer keys, scope and sequence information, quizzes, and other features designed for that subject area–such as the mental math questions in the ADD Math program.
Daily activity strips are printed three-to-a-page, and can be duplicated for your child’s use, completed right in the manual itself, or worked on as part of an ancillary Check-up booklet.  Each Check-up booklet contains a full-year of activities right in a convenient checkbook-sized booklet, and is perfect for homeschoolers.   As an alternative, your child can keep a personal notebook as a daily journal showing work and extended learning based on needs revealed.  Each booklet is $6.50 and also requires the purchase of a teacher manual ($27.95 or $29.95, depending on the subject).  Your child will love the format, brevity, and challenges/variety of each daily exercise.

The Daily Reinforcers are available in these subjects/grades:  ADD Math (K-8), Daily Science (1-8), Daily Reading (1-8), Daily Writing (1-6) and Daily Social Studies (1-8).  Grade and subject level samples can be found on our website:  Questions?  Call us toll-free at 800-594-7136 or email us at Check out homeschool curriculum consultant Cathy Duffy’s reviews of our materials at


The Daily Reinforcers are the proud recipients of five Teacher’s Choice Awards from LEARNING Magazine.



The Daily Reinforcers from GROW Publications
  • The Daily Reinforcers from GROW Publications


GROW Publications


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