Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum offering every subject for students from preschool through high school. 

Their comprehensive curriculum uses real books to deliver an engaging and complete education, far richer than textbooks and rote memorization. This fully-planned curriculum comes with all the materials you need, including thorough lesson plans and notes in the award-winning Instructor’s Guides, so that you can stop planning lessons and start enjoying successful homeschooling. In fact – Sonlight guarantees you’ll love the curriculum!

As the leaders in literature-rich homeschooling for thirty years, Sonlight provides you everything you need to homeschool with excellence.


Books Are at the Center of Sonlight

A Sonlight education is built around great stories— living books. And you won’t find better books than Sonlight recommended titles. Sonlight uses quality literature (like historical fiction, biographies, and award-winning titles) to teach subjects such as history, Bible, and science. Children respond more positively to great literature than to textbooks because stories give context to the information they are hearing/reading. These stories create an emotional connection with students and help them to retain the information.

Sonlight also offers academically excellent products for other subjects, including math, handwriting, language arts, hands-on activities, electives and more. Get your entire curriculum in one easy order!

All of the Sonlight homeschool materials are organized and scheduled for you in the customer-renowned Instructor’s Guides. 

Stop Planning Lessons and Start Enjoying Your Homeschool

At the core of every Sonlight program is the Instructor’s Guide (IG). The IG weaves your books and materials together into a cohesive, full-year curriculum. It is your roadmap for the entire school year… with virtually all of the planning done for you. Sonlight’s award-winning Instructor’s Guides eliminate the stress of everyday homeschool planning. Available for History / Bible / Literature, Language Arts, and Science, each IG includes a customizable schedule, complete lesson plans with notes, discussion questions, teaching tips, activities, and more for the entire year. Just open-and-go, knowing exactly what to teach every day … without any prep work! 

100% Money-back Guarantee

Order your homeschool materials with confidence! No other homeschool company offers the kind of guarantee Sonlight offers. You can take up to one year to actually use the program… then if you don’t love it, you can return the entire package for a full refund.

For 30 years, Sonlight has guaranteed their literature-based method of education will bring your family joy and academic success or you get your money back! 

Teaching Multiple Students with Sonlight Is Easy

Because quality literature is not age-specific, you can teach multiple children with one program. You’ll save time and money, and build lasting family relationships because your children are learning together. Want to know more? Visit their website to learn how to teach multiple children with Sonlight.

Curriculum Customized to Fit Your Family.

Sonlight offers every subject you need to teach.  Curriculum packages are completely customizable to meet your family’s needs. You can purchase any subject alone or for the best price and deepest discount, choose a package (History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package) and customize it at checkout. Request a FREE catalog to get started.

Experience the Sonlight Difference

 Sonlight is built on five big ideas:

  1. Literature-based: Your brain processes a story in the same way it processes a real-life experience. This makes learning with literature almost effortless. Your children will thrive with this proven, highly effective approach. 
  2. Christ-centered: Sonlight helps you raise children who honor Christ in word and deed as you discover God’s love for all people. 
  3. Family-oriented: Sonlight Curriculum helps families connect as they read, talk, and learn … together. 
  4. Global outlook: Sonlighters learn about people from around the world and students are prepared to share the love of Christ with everyone around them. This curriculum equips you to raise ambassadors for Christ, with a heart for the world.
  5. Academic excellence: Sonlight is highly engaging and enjoyable. It is also rigorous, offering a liberal arts education with an emphasis in critical thinking and multiple points of view. Sonlight graduates are now engineers, missionaries, soldiers, doctors, pastors, politicians, entrepreneurs, homeschool parents, and more! 

Have Homeschool Questions?

Sonlight’s homeschool advisors have answers. You can contact them, free–anytime, to get personalized homeschool advice, encouragement, curriculum suggestions, and much more! You are not in this alone!


See what other people are saying about Sonlight #sonlightstories #sonlightboxday:

Sonlight is the best decision I’ve made. It’s what I envisioned homeschool to be, but even better. We plan on homeschooling for a long time and continue using Sonlight to guide the way!” -Ashton B, Granbury TX

We love Sonlight because it’s a literature rich curriculum and the stories get our kids thinking about different people and places all over the world as well as providing discussion points that are great for character building. We’re so grateful to have found Sonlight because we couldn’t imagine homeschooling without it!” – Elisa C, Hampton, UK

I will never cease to praise Sonlight’s easy-to-use Instructor’s Guides. With an entire year of lesson plans conveniently organized and completed for me, the stress of preparation is completely eliminated, allowing more time to nurture my kids’ blossoming passions.” — Tanya S of Austin, TX

NEW Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Check out the new age-appropriate Kindergarten program, done in Sonlight’s signature style!

In this 36-week History / Bible / Literature program (Exploring American History), you’ll give your students their first taste of American history. Discover the stories of key events and important people in American history. 

You’ll cover the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, “The Star-Spangled Banner,”, and much more. Add on Science and get your Kindergartener thinking like a scientist!

Available in either 4- or 5-Day.

Exploring American History
History / Bible / Literature K

Ecosystems, Meteorology, Physics, and Engineering Design


Get started FREE with Sonlight today.

The Good and the Beautiful Homeschool Curriculum

The Good and the Beautiful has brought joy, ease, and goodness back into homeschooling! With homeschool curriculum and resources for every subject, children love the engaging content, and parents love the strong academics, open-and-go simplicity, and affordability. Each course is carefully created with a general Christian worldview, focusing not on the doctrine of any particular Christian church but instead teaching advanced academics while connecting children to the good and the beautiful in life and in learning. They offer many beautiful, academically solid courses, including full-year language arts courses for free along with extensive samples on so be sure to head over and check them out!


The Good and the Beautiful’s highly acclaimed Language Arts homeschool curriculum, levels PreK–12, combines multiple subjects into one, connecting learning and eliminating the need for 6 to 7 different courses. Covering reading, phonics, grammar, spelling, writing, literature, geography, and art in easy open-and-go courses, learning is both easy and effective. Their FREE Language Arts curriculum courses (Levels 1–5) are comprehensive, beautiful, and open-and-go, and have been downloaded over one million times. Families are raving about the unmatched beauty and quality of every one of their products.


The Good and the Beautiful homeschool Math curriculum is carefully designed to target all learning styles, avoid unneeded busy work, and make lessons concise and easy to teach all while being extremely engaging and thorough. Musical Multiplication, a revolutionary new product, is a fun, new, easy way to learn multiplication facts! Children learn quickly and easily through vibrant images and beautiful multiplication songs.


Family-style History homeschool curriculum courses for grades 1–12 make teaching multiple ages at once simple and enjoyable. Each course covers ancient through modern history, stopping in different places and time periods to explore in depth. With interactive activities, audio dramatizations, games, and Student Explorers, which expand learning for older students, the courses emphasize God and character and are engaging for the whole family!


The Good and the Beautiful’s one-of-a-kind, family-style Science Units guide children grades K–8 through an exploration of the beautiful world around them while diving deep into subjects such as space, weather, chemistry, and more. Their Marine Biology science unit is available as a FREE download so you can explore the beauty and ease of this unique homeschool science curriculum for yourself.


Children love the beautiful Handwriting courses (Levels PreK–7) where they learn print and cursive handwriting combined with fun, engaging activities that emphasize a love of beautiful art while building fine motor skills.

The Good and the Beautiful also offers many Electives, including Typing, Nature Notebooks, Creative Writing Notebooks, Drawing, and Creative Arts & Crafts.


One of their newest additions is The Good and the Beautiful Library, with over a hundred books that parents can be sure are of the highest literary and moral value. With original publications and republished literary treasures, engaging, enjoyable books can be found for all ages. The Good and the Beautiful’s FREE Book List provides suggestions and reviews of hundreds of books for parents seeking the best children’s books and literature for their families.

The Good and the Beautiful is on a mission to bring goodness and beauty into the hearts and homes of families through the highest academic standards. The best part is that they make it easy to see if their curriculum is right for your family by offering extensive samples of each course on their website. They also offer FREE homeschool curriculum including levels 1–5 of their Language Arts course sets as well as their Marine Biology Science Unit! CLICK HERE to head over now and see the quality and beauty of their curriculum for yourself!

With a 5-star rating from hundreds of families, what are users of The Good and the Beautiful saying?

“The best curriculum I have found in our seven years of home education! Love it, all subjects.” Stacy P.

“Love this curriculum! It’s exactly what I needed! Easy to follow, open and go for me as the teacher, beautifully put together, and covers everything we need!! I’m so happy I found this curriculum!” Rebekah H.

“Our favorite curriculum! I have 5 kids and [The Good and the Beautiful] makes teaching them so easy. Everything is written out and open and go. My kids enjoy the bright colors and engaging activities. I love that things are mastered and reviewed!” Lacey B.

Sparkling in Second Grade – Lesson Plans & Curriculum

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or a seasoned pro, lesson plans and activities from Jen at Sparkling in Second Grade are a fantastic addition to any homeschool program or curriculum. You can view all of her digital curriculum and activities by visiting her Teachers Pay Teachers storefront.

Whether you have a Kindergarten first or second grade student, these resources will help your child advance in their education. Just a few best-selling options:

These are 1st grade fluency sentences. Students roll dice, pick a sentence, read it, and mark it off. This is a fun way for students to practice reading sentences fluently. Download the preview to see how to play and to try out a few free pages!

A fun back to school flap book to learn about your students

“All About Me” or “Todo Sobre Mi”

It’s easy to assemble and EDITABLE, so you can make your own categories about what you want to learn about your new students!

These are 28 engaging cut, paste, and sort activities for learning shades of meaning.

Students have to cut out the words, sort them by taking out the words that don’t belong, and leveling them by intensity. There are different verb and adjective families.

Roll & Add/Subtract within 20-Math Fact Fluency BUNDLE

Here is a fun way to practice math facts within 20! Students roll the dice, pick a column, pick a problem within the column, answer it, and mark it. This is a great way to practice those math facts to automaticity.

In these digital workbooks, students will be practicing and interacting with phonics patterns in different ways.

“What Word Doesn’t Belong?” is a whole group phonemic awareness activity. Simple, no prep slides to display for phonemic awareness practice specifically with CVC words.

These are phonemic awareness slides that parents can use to help their students develop phonemic awareness skills. There are 50 easy to display slides. All you need is a computer and projector. Students will not need any supplies to participate.

View more amazing resources here:

GROW Publications

The Daily Reinforcers from GROW Publications
Used by homeschoolers across the United States!
GROW Publications is now into its third decade of providing lesson starter review programs in five key academic areas–math, science, reading, writing, and social studies.  Designed as a diagnostic/m
aintenance tool, the Daily Reinforcers are used during the first 5-7 minutes of an instructional period to quickly get your child on task.  You, as the homeschool parent, can provide immediate feedback and correctives based on your child’s work.  The Daily Reinforcers give you the confidence in knowing that your child is receiving and grasping the fundamental subject matter from the core academic areas.
All you need is the appropriate grade and subject level teacher’s manual(s), and you are ready to begin.  It is that simple!  Each manual contains all program components:  student activities (over 100 at each grade level), teaching suggestions, answer keys, scope and sequence information, quizzes, and other features designed for that subject area–such as the mental math questions in the ADD Math program.
Daily activity strips are printed three-to-a-page, and can be duplicated for your child’s use, completed right in the manual itself, or worked on as part of an ancillary Check-up booklet.  Each Check-up booklet contains a full-year of activities right in a convenient checkbook-sized booklet, and is perfect for homeschoolers.   As an alternative, your child can keep a personal notebook as a daily journal showing work and extended learning based on needs revealed.  Each booklet is $6.50 and also requires the purchase of a teacher manual ($27.95 or $29.95, depending on the subject).  Your child will love the format, brevity, and challenges/variety of each daily exercise.

The Daily Reinforcers are available in these subjects/grades:  ADD Math (K-8), Daily Science (1-8), Daily Reading (1-8), Daily Writing (1-6) and Daily Social Studies (1-8).  Grade and subject level samples can be found on our website:  Questions?  Call us toll-free at 800-594-7136 or email us at Check out homeschool curriculum consultant Cathy Duffy’s reviews of our materials at


The Daily Reinforcers are the proud recipients of five Teacher’s Choice Awards from LEARNING Magazine.



Carole P. Roman Books

Carole P Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books. Whether it’s pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children. She hosts three blog radio programs and is one of the founders of the magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. She’s been interviewed twice by Forbes Magazine. Carole has co-authored two self-help books. Navigating Indieworld: A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing with Julie A. Gerber, and Marketing Indieworld with both Julie A. Gerber and Angela Hausman. She published Mindfulness for Kids with J. Robin Albertson-Wren. She writes adult fiction under the name Brit Lunden and is currently helping to create an anthology with her mythical town of Bulwark, Georgia with a group of indie authors. She lives on Long Island near her children and grandchildren.

In case you’re not familiar with the name or her books, Carole P. Roman writes series, so if you like one, you can check out/buy more in the series. I have to admit, as a parent, I like that.  It’s a no brainer for me, as I already know my kids will like the books (and I will too).

Carole’s books teach history, promote cultural acceptance, instill a good lesson, and/or teach an important character trait. The books also make history fun. How often have you heard your kids moan, “History is SO boring!”? Many of the history books include a section at the back – Famous People of the Time. My son had heard of many of the famous people, but learned about others – and he was interested enough to google for more info!

These books are perfect for reading to your child, for your child reading to you, and they’re perfect for your homeschool library.

The Critical Thinking Company

The Critical Thinking Company helps kids develop reasoning & critical thinking skills while learning the core subjects. The award-winning books & apps are used by more than 36 million kids in 120+ countries.
For more than 60 years, The Critical Thinking Company has been publishing innovative and proven-effective PreK-12+ educational books & apps that help children become better problem-solvers while learning standards-based reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.
We design critical thinking into ALL of our homeschool curriculum and supplemental educational products. This not only helps students transfer critical thinking skills to other areas of their lives, it improves the effectiveness of the lessons. Critical thinking requires deeper analysis of the lesson. Deeper analysis produces deeper understanding, resulting in greater engagement and retention of the lesson.
Better grades, higher test scores, smarter kids!
“If we teach children everything we know, their knowledge is limited to ours. If we teach children to think, their knowledge is limitless.” – Michael Baker, President

FREE Critical Thinking Puzzles!
Inspire a love of thinking and problem-solving with free, award-winning puzzles from The Critical Thinking Co.! A $75 Value! Delivered weekly to your inbox. Choose PreK – Grade 8. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

FREE Addictive Math Puzzles eBook!
These quick, fun award-winning math activities (for Grades 1-5) develop mathematical reasoning and critical thinking skills that are vital to achieving academic and lifelong success. CLAIM YOUR FREE EBOOK!

FREE Critical Thinking Coloring eBook!
Think, Draw, & Color! The Critical Thinking Coloring eBook (for Grades PreK-2) develops organized analysis, deductive reasoning, observation, classification, creativity, and fine motor skills needed for academic success. CLAIM YOUR FREE EBOOK!

About Us

The Critical Thinking Co.
1991 Sherman Ave. Suite 200
North Bend, OR 97459-3469

Phone: 800-458-4849
Fax: 541-756-1758, or 800-458-4195



Milestone Books

Our goal at Milestone Books is to help Christian parents to bring up their children “in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Education does not take place in a vacuum, and our children face a culture increasingly saturated with ungodliness.

We are grateful to be able to offer Rod and Staff curriculum, a seriously Bible-based approach that nurtures a Christian worldview in all subjects. It is an excellent choice to help you build godly values in your child and prepare them to withstand the darkness by carrying the Light into every sphere of life.

With over 50 years of experience in no-nonsense education, Rod and Staff’s traditional textbook approach delivers proven results for families who appreciate its time-tested methods. Well-designed teacher’s manuals containing clear, scripted lessons and in-context answer keys help to relieve the stress even for parents fresh on the teaching field. Reviewers have acclaimed its thorough treatment of language and math.

Furthermore, considering the value given, the curriculum is welcome-ly affordable. Most full grade programs containing both student and teacher materials are available for under $300. And the reusable hardback textbooks offer long-term savings.

With a full line of courses, read on to see what Rod and Staff offers you in each subject. This curriculum may be just the answer you’ve been seeking to help shape your child’s future!

The general category of English language arts is divided into the subjects of Reading (including phonics, comprehension, and literature study), Spelling, Penmanship, and English (grammar and creative writing). Each of these, as well as all the other Rod and Staff subjects, are taught independently, so you can select just the ones that will benefit your family the most.

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Penmanship
  • English
  • Math
  • Bible
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • Art


Do you want a more Bible-centric reading program that not only teaches your child the timeless stories of our faith, but also encourages a love for the Word? Do you long for your student to experience the joy that comes with reading a well-crafted story? The Rod and Staff reading curriculum accomplishes that and so much more.

The Bible Nurture and Reader Series introduces your child to the wonderful world of reading. As they are given the keys to the mysteries of the written word, they have the privilege of reading for themselves from the greatest Book ever written. The carefully-prepared readers present Bible stories in an easy-to-read-and-understand format for children reading from the ground up. Each lesson includes thought-provoking questions that not only help build effective comprehension skills but also teach valuable life lessons. Your children will enjoy their progress as stories from both the Old and New Testaments “come to life” through their growing ability to read.

The Rod and Staff Bible Nurture and Reader Series...

  • enables mastery of unfamiliar words through orderly instruction in phonics
  • builds vocabulary and provides practice in writing sentences to show how much the student comprehends
  • reviews previous stories to help build long-term memory
  • encourages independent reading

After laying this foundation in basic comprehension and Bible knowledge through the first four grades, the student is ready to tackle new skills. Beginning in Grade 5, the Rod and Staff reading curriculum leads the student in new directions as they now study a variety of literature that includes poems, essays, and selected Bible passages. As grades progress, reading selections increase in difficulty, preparing students to be able to understand a more diverse range of the writing styles they may encounter in academic or personal reading.

Comprehension questions at the end of every reading passage encourage students to seek the deeper meanings in what they read. This motivation and training to concentrate and focus ultimately benefits them in every subject they study, both present and future.

Upper grades will also participate in essay writing assignments throughout grade levels, giving them the opportunity to showcase the components of good writing and storytelling they are learning. This curriculum acts as a supplement to the students’ core curriculum; assignments can easily be completed during the standard school day, broken down over several days’ time, or given to be completed as homework.

With a focus on healthy and Christ-honoring relationships—centering on God, family, and community—each reading assignment is carefully selected to echo Biblical values and encourage students in the practical, daily application of their Christian faith. Reading assignments, both fictional and nonfictional, of radical faith, simple trust, and God’s grand omnipotence will plant themselves in your students’ hearts and encourage them throughout life’s temptations, valleys, and battles to come.

Learn more and see sample lessons…


As parents, we want our children learn how to spell correctly, but it’s hard to find a curriculum that teaches spelling in a way that our students find enjoyable and easy to understand.

With Rod and Staff’s Spelling by Sound and Structure, learning how to spell is made both simple and enjoyable. By teaching the rules for spelling sounds as well as the patterns for word-building, students in all grades will be able take satisfaction in conquering the complexities of English words.

Easy-to-understand lessons are filled with different exercises for the student to learn how to use the new words in sentences and memorize the spelling rules. Bible words, characters, and stories are woven throughout the exercises and illustrations. In the upper grades, students will discover Latin and Greek roots, and learn about some of the intriguing developments of our English language. The “aha!” moments of enlightenment help transform spelling class from a chore to an adventure.

The teacher’s manuals provide not only the answer keys, but also full sentences to read to the student during a test to help them choose the correct spelling word from context. Suggestions are given for scheduling the weekly lessons, and a complete list of all the spelling words is included for convenient reference.

Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure is a great curriculum to help your children learn how to spell well—and love it too!

Learn more and see sample lessons…


In our digital age, handwriting is often abandoned as a dying art, but a student who has learned the skill of writing clearly will discover that it is still much appreciated.

Penmanship for Christian Writing is a great curriculum to teach your children the joy of good handwriting. It includes fun facts, short stories, and Bible verses to help your student stay focused and take the boredom out of just plain writing.

Rod and Staff makes it easy with step-by-step instructions that students can do independently. Each lesson provides enough space for the student to practice and can be completed in a short amount of time.

Grade 1 teaches straight print (or “manuscript”) lettering. Cursive is introduced in the middle of second grade with practical letterforms that promote readability while imparting a simple elegance. Students who complete the course through grade 4 will be well-prepared to take on higher skills such as calligraphy and lettering art.

Penmanship shouldn’t be boring, but should encourage excellence in writing. Holding good communication with one hand and artistic expression in the other, Rod and Staff Penmanship teaches in a way you and your student will enjoy.

Learn more and see sample lessons…


Being created in the image of God, children have a wonderful ability to absorb the rules of language simply through exposure. However, every parent knows that plenty of correction occurs along the way as their child’s vocabulary increases. And just like with every other skill, taking time for diligent study of language will boost young Tom and Susie’s competence beyond any natural ability—or apparent lack of it. Being able to communicate effectively is an essential skill in any time and place.

Rod and Staff’s Building Christian English curriculum is well-known for its thorough and systematic instruction in English grammar and composition. This traditional-style language arts course prioritizes mastery of the simple building blocks of English, and encourages a high standard in using language for the glory and kingdom of God.

The foundational language elements that students are required to master—including the parts of speech, sentence structures, and punctuation—are later built upon in the studies of diagramming, listening skills, letter writing, poetry, and effective researching methods, among others. Varying by grade level, students have the opportunity to learn how to write several different kinds of essays, research papers, book reports, and even oral speeches. The Rod and Staff English curriculum will guide your students through the entire journey of essay writing, including choosing a topic and researching it effectively by note taking, organizing and outlining, drafting and editing, and helpfully instructing in the details of a good presentation.

Grounded in the Bible, with priority on a high standard of effective and purposeful communication, students will learn not only how their language works—the ins and outs that makes it tick—but also how their language can work. There is infinite potential in the word, both written and spoken, and the young person who properly understands and respects that potential, and harnesses it for the glory of God, will be a bright light impossible to ignore. The Rod and Staff English curriculum balances teaching English facts with purposeful English usage in the modern day, a powerful weapon in the hands of a diligent student.

To summarize, here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll appreciate using this course. Rod and Staff English…

  • teaches the basics as well as advanced concepts
  • consistently reviews to ensure understanding
  • weaves Bible verses and values throughout the exercises
  • provides teacher-friendly lessons and reusable textbooks

Building Christian English is more than just a subject in school, it’s the pathway to a well-spoken man or woman.

Learn more and see sample lessons


Rod and Staff’s Mathematics for Christian Living curriculum is a foundational mathematics course for grades one through ten, teaching Biblical values and useful math skills to benefit in everyday life. With a strong emphasis on the mastery of skills, extra practice sheets and speed drills are provided, prioritizing accuracy and then speed.

According to grade level, students will study concepts in counting, mathematical processes, fractions, percents, decimals, money, banking, measuring, geometry, graphs, tables, and algebra. The vision in teaching each concept is to make it practically applicable. Each lesson is broken down into three main sections:

  • learning the math concept—be it simple addition up to ten in the first grade or computing a payroll in tenth grade
  • practicing the computations
  • and applying of the concept learned in real-world reading problems.

Students who dread doing math will be relieved by the multiple examples provided, with the order of steps broken down and explained one at a time. Believe it or not, the traditional tried-and-true teaching methods of the past still work in today’s generation! Along with the scripted lessons in the teacher’s manuals, this takes the stress out of teaching so that you can focus on where your student needs help.

Students will learn practical life skills such as…

  • shortcuts to double-check their work for accuracy
  • how to measure a diversity of objects and spaces accurately
  • how to make and keep a budget
  • how to file taxes
  • and how to take inventory and keep books for a business or home.

Where other students might see math as a nightmare on paper, Rod and Staff will help make math a doorway to a whole new world of possibilities for your student. With a clear focus on Biblical principles and building Christian character, Mathematics for Christian Living will equip your students to face real-world problems with sound math practices and faith in God.

Learn more and see sample lessons…


Are you looking for a structured Bible curriculum to plug into your students’ educational regimen? Do you desire that your students find a relationship with God deeper than trivial head knowledge of His Word—a personal relationship bearing spiritual fruit? Are you hoping for a curriculum that sets aside the candy-coated theologies of men and the world and gives your students a comprehensive view of the unadulterated Word of God? If so, Rod and Staff’s Bible curriculum might be just what you are searching for.

For the younger grades, Rod and Staff builds Bible knowledge through the integrated Bible Nurture and Reader Series (see overview above), where students absorb the Bible narrative through their reading experience.

The stand-alone Bible curriculum begins in grade 5, and consists of two consecutive series. In grades five through eight, The Story of God’s Chosen Family Series covers the scope of the entire Bible. This is followed by God’s Plan for His People Series in grades nine and ten, which surveys the Scriptures revealing God’s relationship with man, and man’s need for God.

Each lesson is broken down into four or five sections: gleanings from the Bible, vocabulary study, questions for discussion, and one or two changing topics to assist students in their personal Bible study skills. Over the course of all six grades, students will learn over a thousand vocabulary words from the King James Bible, in addition to practical Bible study skills, such as use of a Bible dictionary, a concordance, and a Bible atlas.

With the Bible being presented to students in such a raw fashion, they are encouraged and equipped throughout their studies to search out their faith for themselves. Bible customs, maps, and chronology is explained with the purpose of clarifying to the student the “tricky” parts of the Bible, that they might see the Great Story in the details, to the glory of God.

Learn more and see sample lessons…


Wouldn’t you agree that science is one of the most exciting subjects—not only for a student to learn, but also for a parent to teach? Learning about this beautiful world that God has blessed us with is both awe-inspiring and intriguing. Science draws a deep appreciation for our glorious Creator, who not only controls everything we see and feel, but who also provides answers to the questions we ask as we explore the world we live in.

Rod and Staff’s God’s World Science Series is thoroughly based on God’s Word, and embraces the principle that we can better steward this wonderful world God has given us when we better understand how and why it functions. Based on belief in a literal, 6-day Creation and the fact that it was all brought into being for the purpose of glorifying God, these courses point students back to the origin and purpose of Creation throughout their studies.

Students will master the basic concepts of astronomy, earth sciences, physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, health, technology, and stewardship. Each topic is presented through the lens of a Christian worldview and Biblical references are made throughout, as appropriate. Science being only limited by God Himself, no topics are delved into fully, rather the variety of scientific subjects the students will be exposed to leaves much room for potential growth in anything specific the students decide they want to explore and study further in the future. Exploration, in fact, is highly encouraged, and many hands-on experiments and projects are presented in every grade, encouraging students to develop hypotheses and figure things out for themselves.

With the emphasis of stewardship, students can and will learn the practical essentials for proper and thoughtful care of the amazing Creation God has placed within our power. Topics such as recycling, natural resources and energies, conservation, and environmental health, among others, are thorough, bringing practicality into the study of the sciences. Whether or not your child will pursue higher studies, God’s World Science Series will help awaken the awe and wonder that motivates a lifestyle of discovery.

Learn more and see sample lessons…

Social Studies

Rod and Staff takes a non-biased approach to social studies as it seeks to present a Biblical perspective for looking at mankind’s actions in history and geography.

Children will learn about landforms, climates, and regions of the world in the context of Creation, and of mankind’s role as steward of the resources God has provided on our planet. Mapping is clear and understandable, and students will master not only reading maps, but drawing them as well, skills that are sure to benefit them later in life.

Cultures are introduced in ways children will be able to relate to, as they discover the wide variety of lifestyles between people groups. Stories in the younger grades immerse your child in the daily life of children in other countries, while older ones study the factors that shape individual societies and civilization as a whole.

Rod and Staff’s Understanding God’s World Series cuts through the turmoil of politics to center on God’s purpose for man and the place of His people in history. Political movements and social changes are presented as clearly as the facts are known, without dramatizing war or exalting military heroes and whitewashing the deeds of privileged societies. Injustices are clearly seen when actions are evaluated in the light of the gospel of Christ. Nationalism and violence are put in proper perspective and nonresistance is esteemed.

As students observe how “Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people,” the refreshing focus of Rod and Staff social studies will inspire students to radiate the light of God’s kingdom in the culture today.

Learn more and see sample lessons…


Singing praises to God fills an important role in a child’s life and is also a vital part of the Christian life. The message of song should not be hindered by poor-quality singing. Don’t miss the great opportunity to teach children the fundamentals of music and good singing in school!

Rod and Staff’s Christian Music Series is designed to teach a cappella singing (without instruments). Learning shaped notes has helped many to sing tones accurately, which enables them to quickly learn new songs without musical accompaniment. This curriculum teaches the 7-shape (Aiken) system which is the one most commonly used in shape-note songbooks. The upper courses teach how to read conventional round-note music, so students will be prepared to use any style of songbook.

Simple workbook exercises are available for young beginners that introduce them to the basics of tones, the general “feeling” of the scale and its associated shapes, note and rest values, and the staff.

Older students are provided with expanded courses featuring more study material. After reviewing all the fundamentals, to establish students who have had no previous music instruction, the series will build an understanding of the various elements of music, including time signatures, scales, dynamics, and patterns. Together with gaining an awareness of various styles, moods, and forms of music, the maturing student will be well-prepared to “sing with the spirit, and… sing with the understanding also.”

Learn more and see sample lessons…


Teach your children to draw… with a purpose!

Art with a Purpose offers eight Artpacs, to cover approximately first through eighth grade, depending on the skill of the child. It’s best if each person, including the teacher, has their own Artpac. Straightforward and self-explanatory, the art sheets in each Artpac are ready to go, and each packet lists needed materials and instructions for all activities. With some art supplies and an Artpac, your children are ready to become competent artists!

From learning to cut in Artpac 1 to Scherenschnitte (German paper cutting) in Artpac 6, crayon shading in Artpac 3 to pen-and-ink shading in Artpac 8, and everything in between—grids, painting, calligraphy, perspectives, and more—Art with a Purpose will teach your children how!

And, just as important as knowing how to use art supplies to the fullest, Art with a Purpose is sure to explain how to care for them properly, to get the best and most effective life out of your pencils, pens, and paintbrushes.

Not only will your children draw faces and animals, they will also color and letter Bible verses and Christian mottos. It is almost impossible for these verses and mottos not to stick with a child when they’ve been sticking to coloring in the picture or lettering it out in calligraphy. And once their effort has produced a work of art worthy of the refrigerator or wall, everyone will find themselves remembering, in the words of a verse lettered in Artpac 5, “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.”

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Edublox Online Tutor

Learning is like building a house. Without a strong foundation, the walls will crack and collapse. In the same way, a child needs a solid foundation for learning.

Edublox Online Tutor (EOT) is an online educational intervention comprising of cognitive exercises, aimed at building a strong and solid foundation for learning. A list of the most important foundational skills addressed by EOT includes:

  • Attention and concentration
  • Accurate perception
  • Visual discrimination of color, foreground-background, form, size, and position in space
  • Visual analysis and synthesis of position in space
  • Auditory discrimination of foreground-background, and position in time and space
  • Auditory analysis and synthesis of position in time and space
  • Decoding and integration of information
  • Visual closure
  • Imagination
  • Visual, auditory, sequential, short-term and working memory
  • Reasoning and logical thinking

Edublox Online Tutor is:

  • Multisensory
  • Based on solid learning principles
  • Based on 35+ years of research and practical experience

Read a recent review on Edublox Online Tutor and visit our website for testimonials and case studies from Edublox users from all over the world, at various stages of implementation and for various needs — from improving the cognitive skills of children without learning difficulties to overcoming dyslexia, dysgraphia and math problems.

Below is a video clip of 10-year-old Maddie, who suffered from severe dyslexia, dyscalculia and a low IQ. Nine months of Edublox training caused a complete turnabout:

Oh Susannah Book Series

Carole P. Roman has done it again with the incredible Oh Susannah book series.

Oh Susannah: It’s In The Bag:

From award-winning author, Carole P. Roman comes a new chapter book featuring Susannah Logan, a young student having a very bad day. It all begins with homework trouble and an invitation to a sleepover that she doesn’t want to go to. Would you want to go to a sleepover in a creepy house? Rather than dealing with her problems, Susannah stuffs them into her backpack. But how much can a backpack take? Will she be able to confront her worries before the backpack bursts? Or will she just continue to hide them away? Join Susannah and her friends in this story sure to charm busy young readers everywhere.

Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump

Susannah Maya Logan is not having a good day. She doesn’t want to go to her best friend, Lola’s sleepover. Susannah thinks the house is big and spooky, not to mention the ghost that is said to live there. Lola’s big brother, Kai, loves to tease Susannah with scary stories. Throughout her day, she sees people deal with things that scare them. Her sight-impaired friend, Macy, is terrified of unicorns, of all things. She sees a boy at a party who’s frightened of clowns. Her teacher is afraid of getting a cold. Susannah realizes everybody is scared of something. She wishes she was more like Lola, who is not afraid of anything, or so it seems. Susannah discovers people have different ideas of what is scary and what is not, and only they can determine the difference. Join Susannah as she learns to confront her fears and not let her imagination prevent her from having fun.

Oh Susannah: Color With Me

Oh Susannah is now a coloring book. Filled with Mateya Arkova’s delightful pictures, you can color pivotal scenes in Susannah Maya Logan’s life. Join Susannah and her friends and retell Carole P. Roman’s charming story through illustrations.

We think you will really enjoy reading this newest series from Carol P. Roman books. The Oh Susannah Book Series is perfect for any elementary aged children.

Carole P. Roman’s Bio:

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books. Whether it’s pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children. She hosts two blog radio programs and is one of the founders of a new magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. She’s been interviewed twice by Forbes Magazine. Carole has co-authored a self-help book, Navigating Indieworld: A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing. Oh Susannah is her first Early Reader Chapter book series. She lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children and grandchildren.

Her series include:

  • Captain No Beard,
  • If You Were Me and Lived in- Cultural
  • If You Were Me and Lived in- Historical
  • Nursery series
  • Oh Susannah- Early Reader
  • Navigating Indieworld- with co-author Julie A. Gerber
  • Indieworld Marketing- with co-authors Angela Hausman and Julie A. Gerber

Chapter 1 Excerpt from “Oh Susannah: Things That Go Bump”:

Chapter 1: Unfinished Business

The sun peeked through the blinds making a striped pattern across the bottom of Susannah Maya Logan’s comforter on the bed. Susannah opened her eyes and counted five panels of sunshine.

The little brass alarm clock’s larger hand moved onto the twelve, the shorter hand jerked onto the seven, and the tiny hammer started to hit the bell so that the clock shook and trembled as if it was a live-action figure. Susannah reached over, depressing the button, silencing the bell.

Her door cracked open, Mom was tucking her shirt into her skirt.

“Wake up, sleepy head.” She smiled. 

Her mother walked into the room, bent and picked up the large red envelope that had been left there after they cleaned out her overstuffed schoolbag. “You never told me what this was for.”

Susannah slid out of bed, reaching for the envelope. Her mother opened it before she could grab it. “A sleep-over, at the Simon’s. That sounds like fun,” she said cheerfully.

Susannah saw her mother look up over the handwritten cardboard invite to see her troubled face. She turned it over and Susannah could see Lola’s over-sized letters. “What’s wrong, honey? Didn’t we say we were going to share our problems, so they don’t overwhelm us?”

Susannah thought for a minute. Was this a problem, she wondered. Not understanding homework was one thing, admitting that you thought a house was haunted was quite another. 

Mom handed the invitation to Susannah. 

“Sounds like fun. It says here, they want you to come home with Lola on Friday after school and we’ll pick you up Saturday morning.”

“Yeah,” Susannah sighed with resignation. “Loads of fun.”

“Wait, Susannah. Don’t you like Lola anymore? Do you not want to take her to the nail salon next week on your birthday?”

Susannah was turning eight next Thursday and instead of a party, they had decided to have a mother-daughter spa day to celebrate. 

Susannah bit her lower lip. She was a big girl now. How could she tell her mother she was afraid to stay at Lola’s house?

“I love being with Lola, and even her brother…Kai, not that I want him to go with us to the nail salon. It’s just that…”

“Yes?” Mom raised an eyebrow, while she watched Susannah intently.

Susannah almost wished Mom was busy with her own work as she had been the day before her school bag exploded. It was almost easier to ignore an issue when nobody was paying attention to her.

“Did I hear you’re going to a sleepover?” Her father popped his head into the room. He was fastening his tie. “Well, that’s perfect. We have that dinner thing with Mr. Ort. We won’t have to get a sitter.”

“Perfect!” Mom agreed. “Janey was busy and couldn’t watch Susie. I was going to have to call a service.” Mom picked up the new backpack and walked toward the door. I’ll call Lakeisha Simon and let her know you’ll be happy to sleep there on Friday.”

“Great,” Susannah grumbled as she pulled out her jeans and got dressed. “That’s just great.”

Both Mom and Dad decided to sit with Susannah for breakfast. Dad drank his coffee and ate toaster pastries as if he had all the time in the world. Mom made both Susannah and herself open-faced grilled cheese sandwiches. Mom and Dad chatted about their big dinner, while Susannah picked at her sandwich. 

“I thought you liked this better than oatmeal?” Mom said as she put an apple into Susannah’s lunch bag. “No banana today!” she said with a huge grin, followed by a chuckle when she remembered the time a banana had exploded in her bag. What a mess!

Susannah forced a smile to her face. They were trying so hard. She remembered yesterday when she had to fight to get their attention. Now it felt like she had too much!

Hexco Spelling eMentor

Outstanding Word Lists Paired with the Perfect Spelling Mastery Tool! Try Spelling eMentor today!

Spelling eMentor  by Hexco Academic is a state-of-the-art online methodical word mastery program that comes with hundreds to thousands of words per product.

Over 20 National Spelling Bee champions in a row have used Hexco products, and each unique spelling product includes time-tested word lists, ideal for homeschool spelling. Along with quality word lists which contain phonetic pronunciations (so students can ‘sound out’ words), spelling eMentors include audio pronunciations, abbreviated definitions, part(s) of speech, and etymology. Spelling eMentor also provides the built-in capability to save all missed words so students can eventually get every word right!

Spelling eMentor by Hexco can save parents countless hours of drilling and can speed up learning.

Benefits of Spelling eMentor by Hexco Academic

  • No more looking up words to create challenging, yet grade-appropriate curriculum
  • Tracks missed words like a proficient teacher or parent
  • Each product is grouped into manageable study lists of 50-150 words
  • Audio recordings by articulate speakers
  • Excellent for SAT study and most lists are primarily “good, vocabulary enriching” words
  • Options for all grade levels, from grades 1-12, including very advanced students who need more of a challenge

Read what 2017 National Spelling Bee Champion, Ananya Vinay said about Spelling eMentor:

“I got to use the eMentors as part of the PSC (Personal Spelling Coaching). They were one of the most helpful items to study … It really improved my variety of word knowledge throughout the past year. Another thing I really liked about the eMentors was that it was easy to efficiently study by starring your doubts and reviewing your mistakes. They also had a lot of tricky words that I learned as I did the eMentors. They were very beneficial to my learning.”

Which spelling product(s) is/are best for my child?

For homeschool spelling curriculum, we recommend a foundation of 10,000 words. For a child in kindergarten through the first or third grade, we recommend starting with the Spell Buddy word lists which contain a total of 8,000 words and challenges students up to the eighth-grade level. For children in the third grade and beyond, or for more advanced spellers, use the list of options below, presented in increasing levels of difficulty.

Beginner to Intermediate

Intermediate to Advanced

Blitz List or Blitz eMentor – 3,000 words per volume (popular for National Spelling Bee preparation, and for very advanced high school homeschool students who are looking for a challenge.) This list contains some of the most difficult words in the English language!

More about Hexco products and company

Watch this YouTube video showing how Hexco’s Spelling eMentor works and sign up for Hexco’s free demo to gain immediate access to our eMentor samples. Also recommended: Spelling Rules Book for teaching all ages the ‘rules’ for words of various origins, like French, German, Yiddish, Chinese, Hawaiian, Japanese, Italian, and many more!

As a 35+ year publishing company, Hexco Academic also offers personal spelling coaching and small classes by Skype for young spellers up to serious National Spelling Bee competitors. Personal spelling quizzing can also be purchased by the hour.

main – 830-367-3825
toll free – 1-800-PAJAMAS (you’ll never forget it!)