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Creative Steps Magazine Review

Creative Steps Magazine review


FYI – I LOVE this parent magazine.  And you will too!

Creative Steps Magazine Review – Creative Steps is a magazine that “helps kids (0-11 years) learn through creative play”.  It is chock full of GREAT info and amazing inspiration. Specifically:

  • Over the years the magazine contributors have devised 4000+ original craft ideas and activities.  I’ll repeat –  4K plus!  Surely, there are HUNDREDS of activities (if not more) that will pique your interest and/or give you great inspiration.
  • All of the projects have been tried and tested in real settings. This is  HUGE (in my opinion).  Because how many times have you tried something that just didn’t come out like the pictures, and was a giant disappointment?  How did it make you feel?  How did it make your kids feel?  I appreciate tried and true. Athough of course, any creation my child makes is beautiful – even if it doesn’t look like a magazine picture!  🙂
  • The projects are cross-curricular.  As homeschoolers, we love this! Anytime I can make one project or assignment have larger appeal, I’m all in.
  • The projects are multi-cultural.  This is very important to me.
  • The projects can easily be incorporated into homeschool activities and lessons.  Again, a huge plus.
  • Plus, the magazine is vibrant. I’m a pushover for visually attractive publications/articles, etc. –  they  totally draw me in.  You too?
  • The magazine is available in both print and online versions. I like options.  And I love physical, in-hand magazines that I can flip through leisurely while on my sofa. That said, the magazine originates in the UK so the high postage from the UK currently makes the digital subscription (at just $18 per year) more attractive.  You can click here for subscription info.
  • I do have a year’s worth of physical magazines – and I have flipped through each one while leisurely drinking a cup of coffee – yes – on my sofa.  It was nice.  It was relaxing.  🙂  I do like the physical copies as they have wipe-able covers (very important), they even have wipe-able pages (extra bonus!) – and they’re colorful/attractive.  My kids have earmarked the pages they’re interested in – which they’ve enjoyed doing.


FYI – here are some examples of Creative Steps pages.

The first one below shows different art projects – so the pages look like they’re in a frame. Genius!

Creative Steps Magazine

And here are some cute penguin crafts – because everyone likes penguins!

Creative Steps Magazine

And another cute page – BTW, the Chocolate Coconut Squares are delish!

Creative Steps Magazine review

I used to work for a site that publishes online magazines – and I have to say – this is one of the best I’ve EVER seen.  EVER.  🙂

And the Creative Steps website is attractive too (remember, I’m a pushover for cute!). It contains info on the most recent magazine as well as prior issues.

Creative Steps Magazine review


If you remember, I started this review with the sentence – FYI – I LOVE this parent magazine. And you will too!


If you need inspiration/ideas, I do think you’ll love Creative Steps.  Let me know, OK?  🙂


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