Top 15 Thinking Tree Best Sellers

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

What are the Top 15 Thinking Tree Best Sellers?Thinking Tree Best Sellers

The Thinking Tree LLC is run by a homeschooling mom of ten.  Get this – her kids help publish books as part of their homeschool experience!  Gotta love that!  As a homeschool mom myself, I was naturally curious – and excited to learn more about this company.  So, of course I went directly to their website.  The website has lots of offerings. Where to begin?  I decided to look at the Thinking Tree best sellers for you and outline them below.

Before I go into the Thinking Tree best sellers – I’m going to share what I especially like about The Thinking Tree:

  • Variety – they have a lot of options to choose from! This includes resources in math, language arts, science, music, geography, history, and more – and books for pre-school through high school, and popular books for moms too!
  • The books are interdisciplinary – art with math, poetry with science, etc.  I like that a lot!
  • Most of the books use a dyslexic friendly font to help kids who struggle with reading.
  • The books are designed to be simple to use and not “parent-teacher intensive”.
  • All the books are nice!  Nice pages….nice organizationally, and wipeable covers.
  • The company is run by a homeschool mom and her family – I don’t know about you, but I always like to support other homeschool parents.
  • They offer a money back guarantee. Plus, it’s a 110% guarantee – not just 100% (110% refund when you buy direct from the company. Amazon also sells the books as well as Rainbow Resources and Barnes & Noble).  This tells me they truly believe in their products.
  • The site, along with offers FREE info, help, and dyslexia videos –

Now, onto the Thinking Tree best sellers!

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#15 Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal

5 stars on Amazon!

A creative book of observation, drawing, poetry, coloring, writing and discovery through nature.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#14 – How To Homeschool

4 1/2 stars on Amazon! (81% gave it 5 stars)

Advice on how to make your home a place that sparks curiosity – and how you can unlock your kids’ desire to learn!

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#13 Mom Files – A Mother to Daughter Legacy

4 1/2 stars on Amazon!

A collection of personal memories, poems, recipes, hospitality advice, homeschool goals, marriage tips, and health tips from Sarah Janisse Brown, mom of ten.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#12 Dino Doodle – Do-It-Yourself – Homeschooling Curriculum Journal

5 stars on Amazon!

Cover every subject required for 2nd to 6th grade with the Homeschooling Curriculum Journal. This book includes 365 pages of educational activities.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#11 All About Ocean Creatures

Another 5 stars on Amazon!

Math, reading, art, science and spelling games!

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#10 A Treasury of Psalms and Proverbs – King James Version

Guess what?  5 stars!

 Your kids’ vocabulary will increase as they work through this devotional.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

# 9 Fun-Schooling Math Mysteries – Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide

one…two….three…four…FIVE stars on Amazon!

This activity book allows your child to create silly stories and mysteries while using numbers and math.

#8 All About Animals – Creative Writing & Research Journal

4 1/2 stars on Amazon (88% gave it 5 stars)!

This is a coloring book and journal. Your kids can write stories to accompany the animal illustrations. Perfect for blending art, language arts, science and research.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#7 Multiplication Games – 180 Days of Math, Art & Logic Fun

4 stars on the big A!

Students use logic to complete each mind game, art game and puzzle.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#6 Fun-schooling Curriculum – Homeschooling with Minecraft

5 stars on Amazon.

This Curriculum has 290 Pages of Minecraft related homeschooling activities and educational lessons. Printed in color.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#5 United States – Geography, History and Social Studies Handbook

A journal and handbook for researching the United States of America.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#4 Ages 3 to 6 – Alphabet Journal

Contains 100 fun and creative activities to help young children learn how to write letters and understand each sound.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#3 Teach Your Child – 100 Words To Read, Write, Spell and Draw

4 1/2 stars!

Homeschooling curriculum for spelling and science in one fun book. This workbook is designed to be used by beginner readers, struggling readers and children with dyslexia.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#2 Do It Yourself Curriculum – Fun-Schooling with Minecraft

Cover every required subject while having fun with Minecraft.

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

#1 Math Mysteries & Practice Problems with Minecraft

A fun book of math problems based on Minecraft.

Here are some additional pictures of their products:

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

GREAT Homeschooling Advice!

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

LOVE combining art and logic!

Thinking Tree Best Sellers

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