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Do your kids do a lot of research as part of their homeschooling?  If they do, I have a super recommendation for you – Scrible (for grades 6-adult) offers tools to save info, manage, annotate, share the web, and MORE.  Specifically, lets you:

In addition, Scrible can be used for more than just research papers (as an example, Scrible can be used as a real-time collaboration tool for concurrent reading and text analysis).  Really, the options are endless. is a very important tool, for the following reasons:

  • Writing a research paper requires many tasks and a variety of skills.  A student must curate, annotate, cite, organize, write and collaborate.  These tasks are hard to track and quantify – but easy with Scrible.
  • 60% of secondary students are poor researchers.  50% of high school students aren’t ready for college writing.  Scrible helps kids with research and with writing.
  • Scrible automates mundane tasks – freeing up time for critical thinking. WOW!
  • Quite literally (this is not an over-statement), Scrible brings research and the process of writing papers into the modern age.

And Scrible is a Google for Education Partner.

Check out the Scrible overview below. Product Review – With Scribles, students can write better papers faster due to the following: Product Review – What do I like this product/service?

  • Scrible offers SO MUCH!
  • It’s a time-saver.  Gotta love that!  🙂
  • Scrible helps kids become college and career ready.
  • Scrible streamlines research processes.  I’m a fan of streamlining, aren’t you?
  • It provides personalized learning.
  • And project-based learning.
  • It’s interactive – I appreciate how others can share and respond in real time. When I find a great resource, I always want to share it, don’t you?
  • There’s an outline editor.  I can write a super research paper – but I admit, I never, ever utilized outlines in the process.  So, teaching outlining to my kids, was a bit difficult.  Not now!
  • Students can have multiple libraries for different papers/projects they might be working on.
  • It’s easy to search the libraries for specific info.  The Scrible tagging feature is especially nice.
  • This means students NEVER lose info – or search through piles of paper looking for a quote, that they know they have….somewhere….
  • Not only can students add online resources to their library, they can also add books and offline resources as well.
  • There’s a citation capture function that’s amazing.  Now, it’s easy-peasy to footnote, and to make a bibliography.  Think about that for a minute.  Did you ever think footnoting was easy?  I mean, come on….Ibid?
  • The program constantly auto-saves to the cloud, so students never lose their work.  That’s wonderful!
  • The Scrible Writer, a Google Docs Add-on helps transfer research into the paper the student is writing in Google Docs.  Scrible Writer also lets students view/insert outlines and easily view/edit bibliographies.
  • Students really like it.

  • Scrible is constantly updating their program and adding new, time-saving features.  This includes researching tools, as well as overall interfaces – to improve Scrible’s look and feel, layout, navigation and functionality.
  • Scrible supports co-teaching, which can be of benefit to a co-op.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • There’s a lot of help along the way, if you need it – including a Getting Started Tour, Edu Guides, blog posts, youtube videos and more.
  • It’s free but you can upgrade if you’d like to, a paid service.

In Conclusion

I’m not sure a product review can do this product justice.  It’s that good!  I urge you to try the free version, and if you love it as much as I do, upgrade.  🙂


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TeacherVision Product Review

Do you use teacher-oriented websites in your homeschooling endeavors?  I do!  They have great info, all in one place, that make homeschool lesson planing a breeze.  Recently I found TeacherVision (it’s part of the Fen Learning family of websites) and I really do like it.


TEACHERVISION (Homeschool teachers too!)

This site offers a ton of teaching resources – all in one place (think easy) – for early learning12th Grade.


Homeschool parents who subscribe to have access to over 22,000 worksheets, workbooks, whiteboard-compatible digital books, lesson plans, activities, DK Instant Expert materials, DK Practice Makes Perfect materials, digital books; a library of over 180 printable teacher workbooks; project-based learning in their FutureFit section (more on this later); plus, graphic organizers, bulletin board samples, clip art, special education resources, and much more.  Whew!  That’s a ton! Did I pique your interest?  Want to learn/see more?

You can view TeacherVision as a visitor, a registered user or as a subscribed user/member.

  • As a Visitor you can click on an item that does not have the “Premium” band and then preview the item onscreen. This can be done for as many non-premium items as desired.
  • You can register with TeacherVision by just providing your name, email, and grade levels and then you can save and download non-premium items. You can also  preview three items that are marked with the “Premium” band.
  • A Subscribed user is any user who has selected a subscription plan and provided a payment method (more on this below). This includes users in a free trial status and in  paid status.  Subscribed users are able to view an unlimited number of items, including premium and non-premium content. Also, subscribed users are able to view the TeacherVision site without advertisements.

Not sure which route you want to take?  I started as a visitor, then I registered and previewed three items.  Then I subscribed – kind of thinking I’d unsubscribe during the 7 day free trial. Turns out, I like this site so much, that I didn’t unsubscribe.  That’s right, I’m a bonafide subscribed user!  🙂

Two reasons why I didn’t unsubscribe/why I continued as a member –

1. the super content  

2. the TeacherVision dashboard

Regarding the Content

TeacherVision content is created by curriculum professionals at trusted publishers and curated by TeacherVision’s experts.  Since there are over 22,000 resources, you’re bound to find something great.  And you’re probably going to find it quickly – as their search feature is very good.  All you do is enter a general search term and then use the filters to find exactly what you need.

Regarding the Dashboard

TeacherVision content is created by curriculum professionals at trusted publishers and curated by TeacherVision’s experts.  Since there are over 22,000 resources, you’re bound to find something great.

And you’re probably going to find it quickly – as their search feature is very good.  All you do is enter a general search term and then use the filters to find exactly what you need. When you sign up and fill out your profile, you check off grade levels and subjects you’re interested in, and then like magic, popular and recommended resources, daily ideas for lessons and more show up on your dashboard. There’s an Add to Favorites button to store your finds, which I appreciate.  I can organize my Favorites in folders for quick and easy access (Earth Day is months away but I already have a full Earth Day/Earth Month folder).

Here’s most of my personal page for 10/3/2018 (the bottom is cut off slightly below – my apologies).

BTW- the Concept Map is really cool (see below) – and we did discuss Today In History (East and West Germany being reunited).  Since it’s Family History Month – and I just found my birth family (I was adopted) – we’re also focusing on genealogy and DNA.

What do I like about

  • Again, the content.  See all the specifics below.
  • I LOVE the FutureFit projects. FutureFit is a curriculum enhancement framework designed to integrate social-emotional learning and character education into traditional academic curriculum. With the FutureFit specially-curated resources, project-based lessons, and mini-activities, you can easily add life skills to your homeschooling endeavors.

  • I also appreciate TeacherVision’s daily reading and math warm-ups as well as related information that’s available to coordinate with the warm-ups.
  • The Mini Lessons are fun.
  • I’m a fan of the Monthly Calendars (here is the September calendar). The calendars pair a hands-on activity or lesson with holidays, events, and festivities – every day of the year.  So it’s easy to add a little fun to your homeschool schedule.
  • Plus, you can build lessons around themes.  Here are resources for the theme Autumn.  The site also offers themed printable packets and worksheets.
  • Bulletin board materials – I love a decorative homeschool area, don’t you?
  • Graphs and charts – These templates save so much time!
  • The organization tools are amazing!  Here’s an example of a story pyramid that I’m using tomorrow.

  • And who doesn’t love Awards & Certificates?  My kids definitely do!  🙂
  • There are a lot of resources for Special Needs.
  • As mentioned previously, I’m a fan of the personalized My TeacherVision dashboard.
  • See below – it’s a breeze to sign up and fill out your dashboard profile.

  • There are free and premium versions.  I’m a fan of options.

And I’m a fan of this website.  I think you will be too.


By the way, Fen Learning offers other educational sites as well.  These include:

FACT MONSTER educates, engages and entertains. combines essential reference materials and fun facts for kids. From the solar system to the world economy to educational games, Factmonster has the information kids are seeking, in a safe learning environment that parents can trust.

We’ve been using this site for a while.  We like:

  • The monster graphics!  I admit it, I’m a sucker for cute graphics – as are my kids.

  • The games!
  • That so many subjects are included (these include the Women of Influence, the holidays, math, science, and more).
  • The Math Tables and Formula info (see below).

  • The conversion tools (again, see below).

FAMILY EDUCATION has so much info! From pregnancy – teen – family life – even food/recipe info.  For instance, here’s 8 delicious cranberry recipes for Thanksgiving (in case you’re like me and have trouble coming up with a cranberry dish your family will actually eat.  🙂  I know this is a little thing, but I like that you can scroll through all the recipes rather than have to click onto a new page for each one.

And there’s a School & Learning section – and a Homeschool section!  You do have to click through pages for some Homeschool articles – for instance, the article Responding to Other People’s Concerns About Your Decision to Homeschool is 5 pages.


Parents, homeschool teachers and librarians turn to for factual information on all types of subjects.  Parents and teachers can confidently point students to this site, assured that it’s a safe place for them to explore.



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