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Our Nilo Toys Review – Multi-Use Play Tables

Nilo Toys produces quality, sturdy, multi-use play tables and accessories.  I am so impressed with:

  • the quality
  • they’re multi-functional
  • the storage options
  • the customizable options (size of table, table holes, mats, accessories)

Their motto is “Buy once, Buy right, Buy Nilo®!”  And honestly, this is a great motto for this company!

Here are some pics of the table I received – after I assembled it.  BTW – assembly was a breeze.

Now, I’d like to discuss the quality of the table, the multi-functionality of the table, the storage possibilities and how you can customize the table.

Nilo Toys Review – Quality

All of the Nilo Toys tables and accessories are made out of solid hard wood (in a variety of finishes) and they are built to last for generations.

Look how sturdy this table is!!

Nilo Toys Review Multi-Functional

  • Tables are 19 inches tall, ideal for toddlers and children (low enough to do puzzles and other activities).
  • Leg extensions are available as kids get older/taller.
  • The height of the raised border on the table keeps small manipulatives on the table top.
  • Its ideal to use as an LEGO table or a DUPLO table, thanks to the baseplates /Block Mats (more info on these below).
  • Also, its the perfect height for wooden train use (wooden train track is 1/2″ thick, and the table borders are 1 1/4″ high).

Nilo Toys Review Storage

Look at the possible storage!  I have to say – I love storage – and this is really efficient/space-saving storage!  Woo Hoo!!


Notice some of the customizable options below. You can also choose between the 34″ table or the 48″ table. You can also choose between holes/no holes in the framing, the frame style, and whether you’d like mats.


Here are the Table Specs for the 34″ Table

  • Measures 25″W x 34″L x 20″H
  • Play surface 24″W x 32″L
  • Solid hardwood construction
  • Easy to clean double-sided melamine surface
  • Each baseplate is 12″ x 32″. They simply drop into the raised border of the tables
  • Easy to clean baseplates – you can remove them and wash them
  • Fantastic LEGO/DUPLO table, puzzle table, etc
  • Super train table
  • 24″ Leg Kit available for this table as an add-on
  • The table design allows seating – and you can choose between stools/chairs and benches
  • The Nilo storage bins fit easily underneath
  • Made to last for generations

Table Options

With Holes in Framing: Holes in frame are compatible with  Nilo-Jax (Extreme trestle set great for wooden trains and other track sets), Rok-Jax (Rokenbok use) and their Nails also work with Zoob (a construction toy), Fiddlestix, Brio-Mec and other toys.

Without Holes in Framing: Basically, a cleaner design, not having holes in the framing.

Mats: You can add green 2-Sided Block Mats, Lego® on one side, Duplo on the other side.

What do I Like about this Product?

  • OMGosh – the quality and the durability!  This table is daycare quality and will last for years – decades! I’ve found that men really ooh and ahh over this table – they’re impressed with the craftsmanship.  I have a friend that’s a professional cabinet maker and he’s really impressed with this table.
  • The flexibility!  In overall table size, table height, use, and storage.
  • It’s very attractive.  Again, oohing and ahhing.  🙂
  • It features an easy to clean solid white melamine top.  The white surface is on the top and bottom of the table so if one side gets stained/ruined, you can just turn it over.  That’s nice.  And practical.  I love practical!  🙂
  • Mats are an option too.  They work for LEGO and DUPLO.
  • The mats are easy to remove and clean.
  • With the mats, your child can start a project on the mat, remove the mat with the project on it – and use the table for another use.
  • You can customize your table.
  • It’s a breeze to assemble.  I HATE assembling anything.  I’d rather pay more for an item and have it delivered ready-to-go – but that’s usually not an option.  If you have to assemble something – hope it’s as easy as this table!
  • You can also purchase other items to go with the table. Check out the stool and the storage bins. And I LOVE their toy chest/bench.  Really….check out the toy chest/bench!  You’ll love it.

  • This is a U.S. family owned business, established in 1992.
  • I don’t usually comment on price – but the price is really reasonable!  Again, this table is daycare quality – I’d expect it to be priced at a much higher price point.
  • On top of their GREAT price, the company is offering a 10% discount to readers.  Just send an email to before you order and they mention HOW TO HOME SCHOOL. This discount will go through the end of January 2019.

Nilo Toys Multi-Use Play Tables Review – In Conclusion

I have to say, I agree with their motto – “Buy once, Buy right, Buy Nilo®!”


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  • Our Nilo Toys Review - Multi-Use Play Tables

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