The 2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List

2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List

The Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum ListThe Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List came out of a discussion I had with fellow homeschooling moms. Every year we struggle to find a homeschool curriculum list that provides both breadth and depth and includes resources to keep our kids engaged. Not only do they get bored easily, but we want them to have a well-rounded education. It hard to find new and unique products these days, it’s also hard to find a comprehensive Homeschool Curriculum List. So, we put together this 2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List just for that very reason. These products are some that we use in our homeschooling, and/or have come highly recommended from other homeschooling families. We hope that you will spend some time getting to know the companies on this 2019 homeschool curriculum list. They are all small businesses and your support of them is not only greatly appreciated, it gives you the chance to try something new and innovative with your kids. The products in the 2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List are sure to get your kids excited about learning this year. Have any suggestions for the Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List? Please email We are always looking for suggestions.

NOTE: The products & services in the 2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List are listed in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum ListAlpha Omega PublicationsA Christian publishing company founded in 1977, Alpha Omega Publications (AOP) proudly provides quality, Bible-based curriculum, educational resources, and services to homeschool families worldwide. For over 40 years, AOP has striven to follow its mission every day by creating and developing Christian curriculum and educational products to meet the diverse needs of homeschool families.

With print-based, computer-based, and online formats, AOP’s curriculum for students from preschool through 12th grade includes brands known and loved by both parents and students, including LIFEPAC, Horizons, and Monarch. A groundbreaking online curriculum, Monarch offers budget-friendly plans that allow customization across grade levels to meet individual needs for each subject and child.

AOP also offers an online education for K-12 students through Alpha Omega Academy, which is accredited regionally by NCA CASI of AdvancED and internationally by the Association of Christian Schools International.

American School – AmThe Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum Listerican School is your school of choice, offering accredited middle school and high school courses in online and traditional paper-based formats.

Students in grades 6-12 can take the accredited courses they need in the quantity and format that best suits their learning styles. Some will choose full-year or diploma programs, while others will choose individual courses to enrich an already existing homeschool program.

American School offers: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), Credit and Dropout Recovery, Individual Courses, Traditional Paper-Based Courses, Online Courses, AP and Honors Courses, World Language Courses Powered by Rosetta Stone®, Full Grade Levels, Accredited Diploma Programs and Adult Diploma Programs.

After enrolling, students can work at their own pace, start anytime and study anywhere, choose from a wide variety of courses, pay an affordable tuition which includes all study materials, receive personalized feedback and assistance from experienced and qualified instructors, and can access the Online Student Center 24-7 to view their grades and access additional course materials.

If students enroll in our high school diploma program or middle school program, they can receive a free transcript evaluation (U.S. schools only), receive credit for courses completed at accredited schools, and make monthly, interest-free payments.

American School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools-Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS), the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) and Accreditation International (Ai). American School is also recognized by the State of Illinois as a non-public high school.

For more information or to enroll, visit

2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum ListBoxlightThe Labdisc portable lab opens the door to inquiry-based learning in a variety of science fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and geography. With our STEM science lab, take the science classroom anywhere. Labdisc helps students connect and engage with science from wherever they are.

There’s a wireless, compact Labdisc data logger for every science domain, with up to 15 built-in sensors. Fits in the palm of a student’s hand.
Up to 150 hours of battery life make it a practical tool for inside or outside the classroom. The ideal solution for long-term experiments such as plant growth, weather change, and pollution.
Ever ready with zero setup time, automatic sensor testing, and calibration — maximizes valuable lab time.
Includes a library of lessons, many aligned to the NGSS standards.

The Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum ListBrave Writer – The Brave Writer program brings a fresh point of view to the writing process. Rather than emphasizing format writing as the key to success, Brave Writer’s materials and instructors facilitate the emergence of an authentic writing voice in your children. Once children have access to the language, insights, and ideas locked within, they easily learn a variety of writing genres, including the rigorous academic formats of high school and college.

Brave Writer offers

  • home study courses for original writing,
  • literature-based language arts programs,
  • and online classes.

Need additional support? The Homeschool Alliance is our online community that supports your risk-taking choices, applauds your successes, and empathizes with your struggles. It’s the one-stop Internet community sandbox for home education. We do it together, one month at a time, one subject or child at a time, making sure that you can see and measure your progress.

Check out Brave Writer today for your language arts and writing needs!

Breaking the Barrier – Founded in 1997 by educators, Breaking the Barrier is a leader in print and digital language learning. Featuring instruction in Spanish, French and English for Spanish speakers, Breaking the Barrier provides students with a solid understanding of language fundamentals as well as cultural insights from around the world. Our programs genuinely offer students the fastest path to language fluency.

Breaking the Barrier blends the rigor of serious content with simplicity, clarity, and a student-friendly voice. The tone is informal and conversational – a one-on-one session between teacher and student, perfectly suited to a homeschool setting. By the end of our series, students will have practiced every important topic in the Spanish, French, or English language. They will have the confidence to read, write, and speak fluently. Our books engage students, teachers and parents with updated topical content that’s culturally relevant and just plain fun. Our programs were developed by our founder, an educator who created his own teaching materials after being frustrated with commercial textbooks. Today Breaking the Barrier products are used all across the country.

The Homeschool Package offers you a complete curriculum, and has three levels – Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level is the equivalent of one year’s worth of Spanish and French. You’ll find our workbook-textbook with all lessons and exercises, accompanying audio with hours of recordings from native speakers, answer key booklet, testing program (with answers!), and our handy Oasis Travel Dictionary, also available soon on the iTunes App Store!

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books. Whether it’s pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children. She hosts two blog radio programs and is one of the founders of a new magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. She’s been interviewed twice by Forbes Magazine. Carole has co-authored a self-help book, Navigating Indieworld: A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing. Oh Susannah is her first Early Reader Chapter book series. She lives on Long Island with her husband and near her children and grandchildren.
Her series includes:
Captain No Beard
If You Were Me and Lived in- Cultural
If You Were Me and Lived in- Historical
Nursery series
Oh Susannah- Early Reader
Navigating Indieworld- with co-author Julie A. Gerber
Indieworld Marketing- with co-authors Angela Hausman and Julie A. Gerber

The Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum ListCharacter First Education – “Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness.” – Anne Frank

Developing a solid foundation of character in our children and in our families is essential to making good decisions and building true success in life. Character can grow if encouraged and as parents and caregivers, it is our responsibility to instill strong values in our children.

Our curriculum actively opens the dialogue about character through engaging stories from history and nature, real-life experiments you can perform with common materials, songs, poems, enriching projects—both short-term and long-term, and enjoyable games and activities. Besides studying what each character trait means, you will also have the opportunity to apply it directly to life with 5 “I Wills” that remind us what it means to live a life of character.

To view our curriculum please visit our website:

As our gift to you, use coupon code CFFAMILIES2017 when ordering to receive a 10% coupon toward your purchase. Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping.

Thank you for valuing a culture of character in your home and family.

Classical Academic Press2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List – Classical Academic Press (CAP) is a K–12 educational publishing, media, and consulting company for schools and homeschools. The company has developed and grown through nearly 20 years of brainstorming, conversation, innovation, review, and revision. Their mission is to produce superlative curricula and media resources in order to advance the renewal of classical education around the world. In addition to curricula, Classical Academic Press has also developed services for consulting, online teacher training, online student education, classical homeschooling communities, and online student practice.

Classical Academic Press was founded in 2001 by Dr. Christopher Perrin, along with three other teachers who were serving with him, while he was head of school at a classical school in Harrisburg, PA. Christopher is an author, consultant, and national speaker on classical education, and serves as the publisher and CEO of Classical Academic Press.

2019 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum ListCTC Math