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Although every homeschooling family is unique, certain types of homeschooling styles have become very popular among homeschooling families.

Types of Homeschooling – “Relaxed” or “Eclectic.” This type of homeschooling is the method used most often by homeschoolers. Eclectic homeschoolers use a little of this and a little of that, using workbooks for math, reading, and spelling, and taking an unschooling approach for the other subjects.

Types of Homeschooling – School-at-Home is the style most often portrayed in the media because it emulates a traditional school system and what mainstream media consider to be homeschooling. This is the most expensive method and the style with the highest burnout rate.

Types of Homeschooling – Charlotte Mason method has at its core the belief that children are not mere containers waiting to be filled with knowledge, but persons in their own right deserving of respect.

Types of Homeschooling – “Classical” approach has existed since the Middle Ages. The goal of the classical approach is to teach people how to learn for themselves. The five tools of learning, known as the Trivium, are Reason, Record, Research, Relate and Rhetoric.

There are certainly other approaches to homeschooling available and we go into some of them below.


Online Homeschool Programs

Online Homeschool Programs

You might be here because your child is struggling in traditional school. If that’s the case, you will probably want to consider one of the many online homeschool programs that are available. While deciding to homeschool your child is a big commitment, an online homeschool program can help ease you into this new way of schooling. As a result of traditional homeschooling, the parent must develop and create lesson plans, grade tests, schoolwork, etc. Because Online Homeschool Programs do all of the teaching, prep work and grading, you can focus on helping your child succeed in their schooling. While it isn’t considered traditional homeschooling, it is a great alternative for many families who need to take their kids out of the traditional public or private school but aren’t ready to commit fully to homeschooling their children.

In addition, Online homeschooling means that students gain access to certified teachers who help develop a personalized learning plan for your child. They will periodically meet with students and parents as well as grade all assignments and provide feedback to both you and your child. In addition, your child can easily obtain a high school diploma from many of the online homeschool programs available.

Finally, even though Online homeschooling required less instruction by the parent, it is still very important for parents to be on hand to answer questions, monitor progress and participate in their child’s learning. This not only helps students feel more confident and supported in their studies but it also allows parents the opportunity to identify and respond to challenges that may come up throughout their child’s studies.

Online Homeschool Programs & Resources

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